My Journey


     I’ve often given thought to the creation of my own blog, but I could never come up with a topic, or theme. I had, and still have no idea what I should make my blog about, but if I continue to wait for the right idea I’ll never have a blog. So this unorganized, unplanned, unthemed series of articles I just started today with this article, will be my blog. If it’s really necessary to describe the basis of these articles, even at a time when I have no idea what the basis will be, I’d have to say this blog is basically a mirror to my life. This blog is like my own reality show in blog form. This blog is My Journey. Considering I’m in the position I’m in today, broke, single, and ambitious, I thought now would be a great time to start documenting My Journey. So I’m doing it on a blog. I still have no idea what this blog will be about, or what kind of journey it is that I’m on, but we all have a journey, and I would like to share mine in order to give who ever may need it, a little company as they venture through their own. Please enjoy, and may My Journey bring comfort and encouragement to yours.

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