Hi My Name Is…

Visionary. (especially of a person) thinking about or planning the future with imagination or wisdom; a person with original ideas about what the future will or could be like.

According to Google, my name is fitting, and that’s where I’ll start this introduction. Other than my name, and how it defines me, I think it’s important for those of you who are reading to know exactly where I am on My Journey. I mentioned before that I’m “broke, single, and ambitious” (Refer to the previous blog), but here’s a brief on almost exactly where I am in life.

Broke. I decided long ago that working a regular nine to five wasn’t ideal or comfortable for me. Since childhood I wanted to own my own business, and actually had my first candy store with one of my bestfriends before I was in middle school. In high school I worked in the school cafeteria, got a job at Pacific Gateway as an office assistant, and worked at a day care, each during different years. It made for a great resume when I left high school for community college and my nine to five career. The Cafeteria became Fatburger, Office Assistant became Receptionist for a Post-Production company, then a Property Management company, and Day Care stayed DayCare just somewhere else. Again, all during different times, and of course with other jobs In between. In November 2016, just as I was preparing my speech to quit, I was called into the office of the property management company I was working for, and I was laid off. What a life saver! I was going to quit for free. I thank God for the unemployment, but I later traded that in to make more money driving Uber. Now I drive Door dash to make ends meet. My ends refuse to greet each other though, so I’m broke.

Single. I’ll make this real brief. There was a guy, and then there was not. We had our ups and downs in between, but I honestly can’t give a reason for why it came to a sudden end because I wasn’t given the reason either. This part of my journey is important because it’s the point that shifted my direction from building success with a family, to not even being sure about a family at all. That which used to be my center focus, can’t be seen from this view. For this part of My Journey I know I must find forgiveness and let go. At this point in My Journey, I’m thinking more like, his fingers under my stilettos while he looks up from a cliff and begs me for mercy, and I shake my head no, and THEN let go. But I’ll work on forgiveness for the Lord’S sake and mine.

Ambitious. Before my nine to five career ended, I became licenced in Notary, Real Estate, Life and Health Insurance, and received a completion certificate in Property Management. I’m in the beginning stages of each of these, though I’ve been licenced And certified for a year, three years for Notary. Currently I’m a resident manager exchanging labor for free rent, and freedom to do my own thing. Thus, I focus on Real Estate and Insurance visualizing ways to make my businesses successful. I’m just beginning to build marketing strategies and platforms for all of my businesses, and today I learned that my Notary license is active, after thinking I was inactive since March. Now I feel as though I’m about to hit the ground running, and I’m excited about this part of My Journey. However, I didn’t want to hit the ground running without putting my first love ahead of it all. Writing is my passion, and it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t include it as I take off into this vision I have for my future. So, I added a blog to my resume, and I thank you for your company on My Journey.


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