My Road. My Journey. My Vision.

This journey gets deep forward, backward, or sideways. Straight ahead, on a very narrow path, I see the road to success, freedom, and dreamland. Or rather, I see my road to success, my freedom, and my dreamland. It’s not much road ahead now that I’ve gotten this far, but there are some harsh realities along the path that I have to pass through to get there. The trench of truth, sacrifice, and pain set ablaze ahead of me has flames that are ready to refine, and the thought of going through the fire has me paralyzed at this crossroad. Thus far,  I’ve been treading a shallow path falling into potholes because I had no sense of direction. Diving deep into the trenches is an unfamiliar practice, and without a map on how to move through, I might sink into old habits. With the right tools though, I can take the depths of my journey to higher heights and rise to a better version of myself.
On the convenient road behind me is a trip down memory lane. There isn’t much truth down that road, but it’s wide and the lies are comforting. There is plenty of pain to look at, but I’ve looked back so many times I’ve learned to look past the pain, and embrace the mirage. The pain is deep, and I buried it myself with the comfortable lies scattered behind me. However, I’ve learned that if I wallow in the luxuries of the mirage too long, the pain will get so deep it’ll be forced to rise against me, so I try to keep from visiting so often.
Besides, with all the distractions there are on the roads, paths, and lanes to my left and to my right, it’s hard to focus on the wide road behind me as often anyway, let alone the narrow path ahead. On the roads beside me there are promises, guarantees, comfort zones, risk-free adventures, familiarities, friends, and plenty of rest. There are dangers and pains too down each pathway, but nothing that I haven’t already experienced or done in the past because the depths of the sideways roads, left and right, are reflections of the wide road behind me. Too deep.
That being said, I’ve decided that the depths of the trenches ahead are worth the journey forward. If it’s going to get deep regardless, I at least want to reach my dreams. This morning I wrote out my business plan, a list of reasons for wanting the things I see at the end of my road to success, and everything I would have if I kept going through the trenches. My business plan is my map. It’ll guide me through the trenches so I don’t get turned around on a sideways road, and end up in a pothole. My list of reasons and rewards are tools. If I read them every day on My Journey, the dirt from the trenches won’t blur My Vision and I can press forward no matter how deep it gets. If you are travelling a road to success of your own, please, map out your trip, prepare some tools, and may the depths of your journey take you to higher heights.
My Journey. My Vision.



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