Confession of an Aquarius

I must confess my love for who I believe him to be, the love of my life. The pain he caused me was devastating, and something I’ve never felt before. But in all honesty, he is still someone I love, and for that reason I have chosen forgiveness. Forgiveness for myself. I was angry for loving someone who could hurt me, but what has he done that I can’t recover from? God told me it’s OK to forgive, and Love is required. I took His Word for it. I love my ex deeply, and without shame or worry. It is what it is. I can let go of this love if I want to. I can move forward and be successful without him. I don’t have to worry about whether it was meant to be or not, or whether or not he will return. I have my desires, I think about it, and I know what I want. However, worry, God has taken from me so that I may live knowing that God is God and whatever His Will may be is best. But honesty with myself about what it is I want comes first. I love my ex, and he is the one I want. God willing, he’ll return to me at his very best to offer me the best kind of love. Or, God willing I’ll get a brand-new love that I can cherish more than ever before. Regardless, I was honest with myself, and am now open to allow God.



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