Experience Love As Is

Love who you love and let no one tell you otherwise. Everyone makes mistakes; in life, in love, we all make mistakes. But one thing I learned from my dad, “No matter what happens, it’s an experience.” Experience life in Love. Understand yourself through these experiences and grow from them. Going through the fire only makes you shine brighter as a diamond. Give yourself the opportunity to make a mistake or fail because regardless, it’s a win-win situation. If you step out in faith and stay True to your intuition, fate will bring you closer to yourself. To God. If we all got it right every time, who would teach us the result of making a mistake? There’s no such thing as doing it right if you don’t learn what the wrong way is. That is the gift and blessing of making a mistake. Live, Love, Learn according to the direction of your own Spirit and intuition. No two paths are alike. Make your own mistakes to find your own Truths.



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