Single. Celibate. Soul-Searching.

Self-love feels good to me. His love would be a plus, but without it I AM still Love. In an abundant way. For a while I thought I had to fight for a love I already had. Then I realized I was fighting myself, so I told myself, “Get up! Love me!” and who am I to reject myself. I got up and loved me as I AM.

Some people don’t believe that I can be myself and still get what I desire, but if I desired it, it was mine already and therefore I don’t have to sacrifice myself to get it. Celibacy, my desire to respect myself and patiently wait for someone who respects me just the same.

Someone taught me the saying, “I turned myself into myself and became Jesus” so I thought I would try it out. I searched my soul repeatedly and found the same results every time. I found suffering. I found comfort. I found Love. I found Jesus. I found His healing powers. I turned myself into myself and became God.



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