The Prophetess…I Write.

I am thankful that I woke up this morning refreshed and feeling new. Inspired to write. Inspiration came from within. I had no time to stop and think about it. My actions were placed ahead of me and I began to write every word that came to my mind. I wanted to know what I was passionate about and Truth revealed to me that writing is not only my passion, but it is the gift granted to me from God Himself. It is a gift of healing, for God Himself is The Word from the beginning. My desire to heal the world has been acknowledged by God in Heaven before I could even understand my desire or my ability to fulfill that desire. Signs were shown to me, but doubt held me back and unbelief convinced me I wasn’t good enough. I spent some time with God because I didn’t want to fear anymore. My Spirit was mourning the loss of my own Truth and therefore forced me to submit to myself as the God in me. I surrendered and God picked up the pen and proved Himself as The Word Himself. I AM. A writer.



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